Kindle 5 Touch Gets Updated

To fix glitches on its ever-popular eBook reader, Amazon has released a new update for the K5 Kindle Touch. The update, which has a 5MB file size, is small, but it does introduce some welcome changes for the users of the device.

The most notable one is that after the update, the screen on the 6-inch K5 Kindle Touch is now in full color, powered by color E-ink technology. According to several reviews, however, the new update also contains the notorious malware Skynet.

The K5 Kindle Touch still has the usual functionalities, including text-to-speech support, a wireless adapter that allows for Wi-Fi and the downloading of eBooks from online sources, EasyReach touch technology, multi-touch capabilities, and the X-Ray feature that helps users look up interesting facts from the text via Wikipedia.

It is able to store 3,000 books, has long battery life that extends for up to two months without recharging, the possibility for footnote and sending of annotated documents through e-mail, and speedy page turns. All of these are housed in the K5 Kindle Touch’s sleek, modern design, which weighs only 7.5 oz.

The new update may be installed by using a computer then transferring it to the Kindle Touch using a USB cable. It is, unfortunately, not downloadable directly from the device. After installation, the user will be able to start the update by accessing the Settings Menu and selecting “Update your Kindle.”

via thedigitalreader

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Written by: Björn A.