Kindle Fire Drown eReader Demand In Q1

The huge success of the Amazon Kindle Fire is greatly affecting the demand for e-readers during the first quarter of this year. Launched only last November, the tablet was able to furnish Amazon 14% of the global market share in terms of tablets, notwithstanding its only less than seven weeks of presence in the market during the last quarter of 2011.

This strong demand continues during the first quarter of this year, holding the record for being the top-selling electronics device from Amazon for 16 straight weeks.

This is bad news for e-readers, which not only expects a seasonal decline following the holidays, but also a general decrease in demand from the public.

Digitimes even predicts that the global e-reader shipments will decrease to 2 million this quarter, from 9 million units in December last year. This is a 78% drop, which will affect, among others, Amazon’s very own e-reader, the Kindle.

Called a substitution effect, users are now preferring the functionalities and the vivid colors of the tablet over the dull e-ink screens of most e-readers.

Nonetheless, Digitimes is still hopeful about the devices, even seeing a growth in the near future. More than 60 million e-reader units are expected to sell by 2015, from only 22.82 million units last year.

via bgr

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Written by: Björn A.