Latest 15-Inch Ultra-Thin Apple’s Macbook to be Released on March 2012?

A new Macbook from Apple is anticipated to be available in the market on or before March 2012 according to the sources from upstream supply chain. Reports have been circulating couple of weeks ago about the upcoming ultra-thin 15-inch Macbook which will be categorized either Macbook Air or Macbook Pro Line.

Apple’s Mac Laptops created desirable impacts to the consumers by providing dazzling portable computer applications. As a result, rumors have been heard that some of the Apple’s suppliers starting to ship several components for sets of newer and slender Macbook. The shipment is said to take place this November to soon start their production and meet the demands of the future customers.

Other sources stated that Macbook will distribute without an optical and mechanical hard drives but with a Solid State Drive (SSD). Many are still clueless regarding the style and fashion the latest Macbook will going to reveal; whether it would stick to the all-aluminum and unibody design or not. There is no official bulletin on what the stand of Apple is in aiming to meet Ultrabook Standards. Likewise, the news trends about the Ultra-thin 15-inch Macbook will still continue; not until the Apple shows the public their most recent Mac product.


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Written by: Björn A.