Leeenux is Linux for Eee, looks awfully familar

If you’ve been around the operating system block a few times, you’ll notice the above picture would be very familiar. It’s from Leeenux, a netbook Linux distribution based on the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Jolicloud also sported the same format prior to the redesign of its user interface.

The operating system will only take up 1.2GB of disk space but will be packed with all the stuff you need in your netbook including office apps, media players and games. What’s more is that it’s friendly with smaller form factor devices like the 7″ Eee PC.

The new update brings up the version to 2.0 and bundles in the new Firefox 3.7 beta, Thunderbird and SNES and Sega Genesis emulators. If you want to try it out, go to the Leeenux home page below.

source Leeenux via liliputing

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