Lenovo Preps Up a New S10 Netbook with 3G Module


No,  Lenovo is not joining Acer and Asustek in the 11.6-inch netbook race. Instead, Lenovo might soon come out with a new version of their IdeaPad S10 netbook – the S10-2.  Although not official yet, the Lenovo S10-2 is rumored to feature a built-in 3G modem. 

If the Lenovo S10-2 User Manual is any indication of what the Lenovo S10-2 may actually be, it seems that we might be looking with a new S10 with so many new features and specs probably including the following:


  • Redesign – Rounded edges, different hinge.
  • 8-32GB SSD options
  • 3G Support / SIM card behind battery
  • Wireless Switch
  • ExpressCard/34 slot removed
  • Extra USB port (total of 3)
  • Shrunken, pushed down arrows keys like on AAO.
  • Larger sized trackpad
  • Ports/buttons/LED re-arrangements
  • Battery shape has changed
  • Double access bays to access HDD, RAM and now Wi-Fi.
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Written by: Björn A.