Letexo: A Hybrid Ultrabook with Slider Keyboard

A combination of laptop and tablet made into one – the new Hybrid Ultrabook Design with Slider Keyboard. It is actually named Intel Letexo. It has a feature of a tablet with the flexibility of a laptop.

This ultrabook has a full QWERTY keyboard which is run by Windows 8. When it is transformed, it will turn into a thicker laptop.

This design is not entirely new since Asus produced Eee Pad Slider Tablet which has the same look. But, Intel’s ultrabook is somehow more evolved since it is a genuine laptop. A keyboard is attached to it to make typing easier.

Intel Letexo is developed at the highest quality level which involves packing it with the latest technologies. This gadget has a big chance of becoming a popular product since it is equipped with a touch screen and a touchpad.

Technical specifications of Letexo are not yet revealed. However, its images from its first press conference show that it has two USB connectors and a HDMI port.

All of the concepts presented by Intel are just prototype of the actual product. Hence, there may be some changes on its final product.

There is no word in how much this product costs as of now.

via ultrabooks

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Written by: Björn A.