LG set to launch own e-reader and Google OS netbooks as early as April

Looks like 2010 is shaping up to be not just the year of the tablet, but also of e-book readers. KW Kim, CEO of LG Middle East and Africa, has just revealed in an interview that they are currently working on their own brand of e-book readers and that these may be launched as early as April of this year. Meanwhile, the company is also in talks with telecom operator etisalat for the possibility of launching a new line of notebooks using “Google’s operating system.” It is not mentioned whether this operating system will be Android or Chrome OS.

These LG notebooks, if released in cooperation with etisalat, will be subsidized just like the Acer and HP notebooks currently on offer from the operator. With LG having its sights also set on further developing its smartphones, offering pre-built desktops, and beating everyone else to launching 3D TVs, I don’t expect them to do a lot of innovating with their upcoming netbooks and e-readers. If anything, other netbook and e-reader makers will simply have more competition. And that’s a good thing.

Via Emirates Business

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Written by: Björn A.