Load Ubuntu 11.10 May Now Install on the Archos Gen8

For users of the Archos Gen8 tablet who swear by Linux, there is now a way to install the Linux Distro on the device.

This was a challenge for an Xda Developers forum member called CalcProgrammer1 since the OS is not really meant for tablets, but made for real computers. In addition to this, Ubuntu generally does not work on Archos’ 2.6.29-omap1 kernel. However, with some cues from developers, CalcProgrammer1 has made it possible to install it on a tablet like the Archos Gen8.

An advantage for this is that Linux has a small footprint and doesn’t require high specifications, thereby allowing added functionalities to the tablet than the original software with which the tablet comes.

CalcProgrammer1, however, hasn’t yet been able to finish the build completely. However, experienced in installing Linux to other tablets, such as the HP Touchpad, CalcProgrammer1 has already released a first version of the build. Interested users, however, are warned with wl1271 wireless module issues and several bugs. Essentially,the most basic functions work on the Gen8 tablet, including the display and the touchscreen, which had been calibrated correctly.

The build can be downloaded on the Xda Developers forum, along with some useful links and videos.

via XDA developers

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