MacBook Air clone goes the extra mile, includes MBA box clone

Admittedly, I was already impressed with the MacBook Air clone with the glowing logo. Another shanzhai netbook manufacturer took this a step further and added in a duplicate of the MacBook Air packaging complete with manual and drivers. It’s something to applaud them for surely but Apple might start a-knocking on doors if they keep in copying their designs and products.

This netbook has the same features as the last one we reviewed but the newer Atom N450 processor still isn’t supported so you can’t put Mac OS X in this machine, yet, unlike the other one we covered. Still, it’s better than the original Air since it has a user replaceable battery and is less expensive. How cheap? It goes for just 1900 RMB (US$278), if you can fly to China to get one.

source M.I.C. gadget

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Written by: Björn A.