Mass arrival of tablet PC market players may have ill effects by Q2 2011

The tablet PC market is a niche market. But it’s one that steadily picking up a lot of Steam. It has been said that it has grown even bigger than the netbook market now. This, of course, has attracted a lot of technology companies and soon we will see a huge influx of tablet computers from each and every one of them as they try to become the number one in the booming tablet PC market. The iPad is on a niche of its own, and with a loyal customer base, Apple seems set to do well in its own tablet computer pursuits. Meanwhile, non-Apple tablet PC makers face the risk of losing out to several other competitors who are all using the same operating system on their offerings (either Android or Windows 7) and offer lower prices in certain regions for certain models. This is the problem that companies like Asus, Acer, Motorola, Samsung, and HP have to face as they set forth in their course in the tablet PC market. Market watchers are already saying that there just might be a problem of excess inventory for these companies by the second quarter of 2011, because there are simply too many players in a market that is said to have a demand scale of only 20 million units. Even MSI and Gigabyte are gearing to launch their own products. It makes one wonder if it is even possible for any one company to succeed.

Via DigiTimes

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  • Tom

    I don’t think tablet computers is a nice market. In fact, I think they will become more mainstream in the near future. But I think Windows 7 tablets will be a failure. Why? There’s a very thought provoking article at Are tablet computers flash in the pan?.

  • Anonymous

    Oh noes!! multiple vendors will have to offer different competing designs and compete on features usability and cost. The consumer will be able to pick and choose between different form factors, configurations, and price points. Companies with good designs will prosper and bad designs will suffer.


    What is supposed to happen is that a centralised design bureau operates under total secrecy, with ruthless prosecution of leaks. A single one size fits all design is arrived at. Any variants are derided as revisionism. Once the design is completed Beloved Leader announces it at a giant rally of party elite, which unanimously hail it as insanely great! Outer party members line up at special single brand stores to buy the design. The design is perfect, until Beloved Leader presents the new version.


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