Meego 1.0 OS for Netbooks, Smartphones Demoed

If you’re a fan of Moblin Linux OS on netbooks, you’ll be glad to know that Intel’s newest and latest flavor of this OS might, Meego 1.0 OS might soon be gracing your netbooks.

Intel is previewing the Meego OS during its Intel Developer Forum in China happening this week. This OS is optimized to run best on netbooks with Intel Atom CPUs.

Take a look at the video above to see how MeeGo runs on a standard netbook with Intel Atom CPU.

While the second video below demonstrates how nifty the synchronization features of this OS does when your want to stream videos from your netbook to a TV.

Check out both videos to see more goodies from the MeeGo 1.0 OS. More information about this OS can be found here.

via Liliputing

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