MeeGo Releases Cedar Trail Update

Just last week, Intel released a new iteration of Meego. It now offers support for the Cedar Trail platform. There is no official release of Tizen and the next version of the mutated Linux platform. The numbered version of MeeGo is alread v. and now available for download for Intel x86 netbooks.

Last week Intel quietly released a new version of MeeGo that now offers support for their latest Atom platform, Cedar Trail.  We have yet to see an official release of Tizen, the next iteration of this mutated Linux platform.  So if you’re keeping track, MeeGo v1.2.0.6 is ready for download for Intel x86 devices.

The release is not all good news. The graphics driver is just the kernel portion and a closed-source userspace. This basically means that the upgrade lacks mainstream ambitions. It is very curious also which among the PC manufacturers would release a MeeGo based Cedar Trail netbook.

Taking a closer look at the release we have the un happy news to report that graphics driver is just the kernel portion and a closed-source user-space, which basically translates to, this upgrade lacks any mainline ambitions. And rightfully so, we are curious to see if anyone will be releasing a MeeGo based Cedar Trail Netbook.

The OS can be downloaded from

Source: Netbooknews

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Written by: Björn A.