Microsoft Doesn’t Want Netbooks with Hybrid Storage

msiwindu115 is reporting that Microsoft does not want netbooks running their Windows XP to have hybrid storage, that is thouse with both SSDs and HDD.

It was not really mentioned why Microsoft is enforcing such ruling, although it is quite obvious that this has something to do with industry competition. We all know that netbooks with dual storage would have option to run both Windows XP and other Open-Source OS.

The good news is, there is only one netbook which was affected by this Microsoft ruling – the MSI Wind U115 which was recently outed with both SSDs and HDD.

Now, MSI was given until the end of June to pull-out the U115 from store shelves.  And MSI has no choice but to follow Microsoft’s ruling to avoid possible issues with Microsoft which could mean their netbooks forever running without Windows XP.

The question is what will happen with those pulled out U115 netbooks? Will MSI re-manufacture them with either SSD or HDD only? Or remove Windows XP to some of them?

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Written by: Björn A.