Microsoft Hearts Netbooks, Netbooks Heart Windows XP

If you will recall, Microsoft was supposed to kill off Windows XP this year but later on announced that it is extending the XP’s life for a couple of years more.  Of course, we all know that this has something to do with the growing popularity of netbooks. And most netbook users still prefer to have their netbooks with Windows XP. Hence, it is no doubt that there seems to be a growing mutual admiration between netbook makers and Microsoft.

This was reiterated by Brad Brooks, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Windows Consumer Product Marketing, when he was interviewed on Microsoft’s official presspass site.

Here are some highlights of the said interview:

  • It looks like the current Windows XP will stay for more years, as users prefer using their netbooks running on Windows XP and Microsoft foresees the trend to continue on
  • According Mr. Brooks, users still prefer to buy Windows-powered netbook rather than the ones running Linux
  • Windows Live Essential will be optimized to suit the technical specs/limitations of netbooks
  • Windows 7 will fully support netbook installation

And lastly, although netbook sales has impacted Microsoft’s operating system in a good way, Brooks still advises consumers to study carefully whether their needs would be best answered by netbooks than notebooks.  Netbook and some low-end Notebook prices nowadays are almost at par already

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Written by: Björn A.