Microsoft Says, Manufacturers are Free to Install Any Windows 7 Version on Netbooks

There you go folks, straight from the horses mouth. Microsoft confirmed that netbook manufacturers are free to use any of the Windows 7 kits that their netbooks can handle. Manufacturers are not after all tied-up to using only the scaled-down version of Windows 7. Likewise Microsoft also confirmed that the three application limit for Windows 7 has already been removed by Microsoft.

If you will recall, there was talks going on the past couple of weeks saying that Windows 7 netbooks would be the starter version only. And this doesn’t seem to please netbook users since the starter version of Windows 7 will only come in a 32-bit variant and will not have some nice features including the Aero Glass, Taskbasr, Previews or Aero Peek.

Likewise, desktop personalization, fast user switching, multi-monitor support, DVD playback, domain and XP mode are said to be absent in the Windows 7 started pack.

So, those of you who are waiting for Windows 7-powered netbooks will now have something to look forward to. At least we are now assured that these netbooks will be something different from the current crop of netbooks today.

via TGDaily

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Written by: Björn A.

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