Microsoft to Help Netbook Owners Upgrade to Windows 7

If you haven’t taken the brave route to installing the Windows 7 beta release to your netbook, you might be glad to know that Microsoft is releasing an online tool that will help you upgrade your existing netbook’s OS to Windows 7.

The trick is when you buy Windows 7 at the Microsoft online store you can have access to this tool that will guide you in creating a USB bootable drive that you can use to upgrade your netbook’s OS to Windows 7.

There’s just one hitch to this process though, and that is it will require you to tweak your netbook’s BIOS to look for a USB driver first before proceeding with the boot up process.

Although Microsoft will not recommend this to all netbook users, I’m inclined to believe that most if not all netbook users are computer savvy enough to be able to tweak their netbook’s OS.

A 4GB USB drive is also required if you are following Microsoft’s online tool for upgrading to Windows 7.

via Cnet

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Written by: Björn A.