More on Ultrabooks

We are back again with an ultrabook news. Intel indeed is pushing the thin-and-light laptop form factor valiantly. Intel even estimated that ultrabooks will take 40% of the laptop market by 2012. Ultrabook features are going to be introduced by stages. The first run of the system will have the 2nd generation of Intel core processors by 2012 the 3rd generation will take over with the promise of increased security. There will be a technology of which the device will not be usable if the hard drive is taken out and replaced.

In the middle of 2012 the ultrabooks will include rapid start technology, constant security updates and features. This “always updated” technology will feature the ultrabook to wake itself up from hibernation to update feeds and email, keeping the user updated.

There will be an experimentation of ultrabooks to push the form factor further. Expected are touch and slate systems and Thunderbolt technology.

Source: Netbooknews

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