Motorola Xoom 2 Now Coming

Motorola has been leaking everything about their tablets right now. Remember this? Apparently, this is Motorola’s full-fledged sequel to the Xoom: The Xoom 2. Aside from that it will be joined by the a smaller version called the Xoom 2 Media Edition. The Media Edition has an 8.2-inch HD IPS display. It has anti-glare coating and weigh around 0.95 pounds and can easily be held in just one hand. This device is not just portable but also durable by design . The chassis is made of magnesium and aluminum. It also features Gorilla Grass display and is splash proof. This device is aiming to be an ereader replacement but with included home entertainment because of its integrated IR remote and subwoofer.

Motorola is also preparing for a smaller tablet and will likely be available soon. Verizon is also poised to sign the similarly-sized Motorola device.

Source: Thisismynext





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