MSI Air Keyboard, perfect for your nettop

If your nettop like mine is setup as a media center, you know how frustrating it is to control it. A remote control won’t let you type on it, a mouse needs a flat surface to work and a full keyboard is a bit of overkill for just watching media.

Enter MSI’s Air keyboard. It has a keyboard where you can enter words for search boxes and has the full complement of media keys and directional pad for controlling menus. It even has hot keys for search. What’s more, it can use motion detection so you can use it as a mouse.

The RF based device needs a USB dongle to work and weighs 0.2kg.  No word on how long the battery will last but it does use 2 replaceable AA batteries and goes to standby after inactivity.

It’s selling in Germany starting this March for €79 (US$108) and works on Windows and Mac OS X for you hackintoshers out there.


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Written by: Björn A.