MSI offers free Q-Face and Windy applications for Wind netbook users

Looking for free applications for your Windows-powered MSI Wind? Well, then you’ll be happy to hear about two such things courtesy of MSI itself, and they are the MSI Q-Face and Windy Zone classic game pack. According to MSI, the MSI Q-Face (currently v. lets users easily “transform your icon on instant messaging software, by putting a hat on your picture, changing into a cute puppy, or adding a frame of bubbles around the image. Q-Face brings fun and excitement to the never-changing world of instant messaging!” Meanwhile, the Windy Zone game pack is a collection of six classic games that include Star Mission, Chicken Shake, Chicken Invader and Island War. Both programs are provided for free, but MSI doesn’t say where these are available for download. I’m guessing these will be bundled with new MSI Wind netbooks at retail. If you’re a fan of simple entertainment, I’m sure you’ll find these very useful.


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  • bruce robertson

    I bought an MSI netbook a while back, advertised as having webcam, but the webcam isn’t working. When I try to use it (it’s called MSI Q Face) it says it was either used or not installed.

    Any way you can help me fix this?

    Thanks for your time.

  • Darrell

    me too, same thing! Did you get it going? If so, how do i do it?

  • Chris

    Try turning it on… Fn+F6

  • Sarah

    It turned it on but when it comes to using it it says that it was still never installed.. this computer doesnt have a cd drive so i cant install it through a cd i need to somehow just downloading it through a link. if anyone can help me out that would be awesome

  • Kirstine

    i just bought a msi notebook, but i cant find det Q face. do any of you know where it is?

  • Martin Bodycote

    I also bought a msi notebook this month and cant get the MSI Q-Face to work, capture devise not installed it says, any ideas?

  • Martin

    I bought a msi notebook this month and cant get the web cam or MSI Q-Face to work, capture devise not installed it says, any ideas?

  • http://MSIoffersfreeQ-FaceandWindyapplicationsforWindnetbookusers Martin

    Got it sotrted now, Webcam was not turned on Fn+F6 turns it on

  • Adm

    I cannot get my webcam to work. I used the Fn + F6 and that did not help.

    I also would like to turn off the touchpad as when I am typing my fingers brush it from time to time and my correspondence gets totally messed up.

  • deu manu

    i can open my cam q face where is the solution?

  • shannon

    Does anyone know how to solve the problem of when i go onto msn messenger, and someone accepts my webcam invitation, it shows me in the webcam but flashes another picture. (usually the words msi q face, or something similar)
    i looked on the website and it said something about it working with msn and msi virtual camera, but im not sure how to find it and do it lol.

  • sarahlee mackie

    hello, my webcam for my msi notebook does not work it says to exicue the programm then down load again i have cmpletely takin the webcam proccess of my notebook, and dont no how to install it again can you please help me ? x

    thank you x

  • sachiko

    hello, my webcam for my msi notebook does not work.
    how can i install it? please help me to fix this.

  • Mikayla

    Hit Fn+F6..then click on the reel of film(that is the third icon down on your left) you will then see a red light come on beside the webcam that is when it is on. Then click either video or photo icons on the right hand side. im 13 and I had to figure it out for my mother !! lol

  • Susan

    Yes if u Hit Fn and F6, it will work. I had exactly the same problems and the same captions, but now it works.

  • kaitlin

    ohkay so here is how to do it .
    i also have a msi q face how you do it is, you go to my computer
    click on it and it may say
    computers and scanners under that colunm would be USB video device
    click on it and voila, theres your webcam :)

  • maz

    my mini netbook msi laptop had virus on it so i got it fixed, and when i got it back , the application i need to get the webcam on was gone. and i cant get on it full stop. i dont know what to doo :S

  • http://googlechrome gary mills

    my web cam has gone off and i can not retreve it



  • DRAPER14


  • beth

    hiya i no u press fn + f6 but if i go on webcam to ppl it closes and it now says i dnt have a web cam how do i install q face when these laptops have no q face any help please xxx

  • Lucy

    i also have a msi wind and i uninstalled the webcam because it wasnt working how do i get it back ? Pleasee Helpp XX

  • Informer

    Oh my god, this one page makes life so much easier if you have this dumb application on your computer:

    Q-Face is super buggy in skype, but this link shows you how to turn it off for video calls while you’re skyping. Enjoy!

  • Roxie

    hy Informer, i think i might try your way. it always (like always!) put a stop while skyping!! thnz


    right, everyone keeps saying press FN+F6 but IT’S NOT WORKING.
    It’s really annoying me because one of the reasons i bough this laptop was for the webcam which i don’t have. FN+F6 is not working, so what the hell do i do now?

  • courtney

    i cant get my webcam to work on msn on my msi laptop

  • Lucy

    press FN + F6 and a webcam sign should pop up and have a tick by it then click on q face and that worked for me!

  • Brent

    It didn’t work for me, can you give us some more information?

  • mollie

    my msi is fantastic the webcam ace and works but it comes up only on q-face and not on msn how do i get it up on msn

  • Roxie

    hv tried to change the settings but stil doesnt work :( keeps saying that i dont hv the webcam.

  • michael


    my son go the msi netbook for xmas, and i got the webcam working (FN + F6) but the stupid q-face software it came with just constantly pops up, even if the webcam is disabled. also, i have to press CRTL + 2 for @ symbol, and when i press CTRL + @ i get the ” symbol. how the hell do i fix that?? does any one know if the q face software is required for the webcam to work???
    if not, is there any down side to uninstalling q face??? (it poping up all the time is VERY annoying…)


  • hannah

    4 easy steps to get it working,

    1.) Open control panel from start menu.
    2.) click “printers and other hardware”
    3.) click “scanners and cameras”
    4.) click “USB video device”

    close the screen you open and try your MSI camera and it will work.

    BTW chicken shake game is shit.


  • skyler

    hey i was going to delte somthing and i axeadently delted my webcam Q-face from my computer and i can not go on webcam unless i have it i was wondering if u can go in to my computer and get it back on for me

  • Sophie

    hello , i have just started to use my webcam and i tried to take some photos of me and my friend on it , i took my photos but now they will not save – i have deleted alot of things so there is LOADS of free space … help? anyone . they are not in any folders either :( x

  • Sophie

    I have also asked my mum and dad to try aswell and they can not figure it out x

  • John

    I had problems too. I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 after increasing the RAM to 2 gig. Couldn’t get the webcam to work unless I was using Messenger. Tried Function Key and F6 to no avail.

    Next I went to MSI website and selected Download to look there. Stumbled across the necessary file. You need to work your way through Option 2 Manual Download. This can be long winded but persist. There are two options to download, select msi_qface_nb

    Download this file msi_qface_nb and after download finishes select Run. Once installed you will see a folder entry in All Programs.

  • Jen

    Thanks John! Your answer definitely helped me the best! My boyfriend upgraded to Windows 7 right after getting me the laptop for Christmas…and suddenly I couldn’t find the webcam!

    I tried FN F6, and that brought up the device…but I couldn’t open it or anything, it just told me its properties.

    I followed your suggestion and went directly to the msi site. I also went to downloads then did a search for q-face. I clicked on downloads…but I bypassed the manual by clicking on utility which gave me the download right away…though for me it was

    Just wanted to thank you for your help…becuse I could not find a good response anywhere else!

  • kayden

    these notebooks are fukin shit webcam wont even work when other people try goin on it to me !:@

  • Vampire Duracell Bunny

    hey i have exactly the same problem as Sophie! i am trying to find a way to save photos from q-face to the my pictures folder, and cannot find one yet! i really want to have the photos on facebook, and now its starting to bug me real bad. Someone please help! i have have an msi netbook and, as someone else said, the chicken games suck, lol.
    from someone in need of help!

  • Laura.

    Hi, I got an msi notebook for christmas,and everything else is fine, really good.I have the same problem really, msi Q-face isnt working.. I think it should already work if it is on the notebook.. but… ;] HELP!


  • rhonda

    here’s how you fix it. Go to and search for the answers. That’s how I got mine to work

    click start menu, search, all files, type in camera and then click on the camera that comes up in the search. (there might be a few of them you have to try) Q-face started working for me right after checking those out that

  • chloe

    hey . i have a msi laptop for christmas too and my mum deleted msi-qface and my webcam worked after she deleted it but now wont work on msn only works on the pictures scanner/camreas , i doo need help anyboby :) thankyou xxx <3

  • ellie

    hey, i know how to work MSI Q-Face and all that, but when i click on it, it come up with a box saying: MSI with a yellow triangle and an ‘!’ inside it. I press ‘ok’ Q-Face comes up but nothing shows at all. the red light doesnt come on either. pleasee help. its really bugging me. thanks :)

  • Joseph

    I also got this netbook for Christmas. I’m going to try to summarize my hours of frustration and google searches into a concise post for all the people looking for help to this problem.
    If you’re having trouble with your built-in webcam on an MSI netbook try these steps:
    1. Try pressing Fn + F6
    – When you do this, an icon should appear in the bottom right of the screen confirming it has been activated. This button combination turns on the camera power from the motherboard. The camera is off by default, which is why some are having trouble with it initially.

    2. If you’re having problems using this camera in Skype or MSN, Click Here
    – This is the link that Informer posted above, and it helped me get my camera working properly in Skype. It would work fine for about 5-10 minutes, and then it would just cut out. I’m not sure if there’s a fix for MSN yet, but I think it would involve a similar solution.

    3. If you just can’t get the camera to work, and have tried the above two suggestions, then make sure the camera actually functions and is recognized by the computer.
    – Go to My Computer. With the camera off, turn it on with Fn + F6. An icon that says USB Camera should appear at the bottom. If that doesn’t work, try RIGHT clicking on a blank space in the My Computer folder, and selecting Properties. The choose the tab that says Hardware, and then click Device Manager. Now when you turn on the camera, another device should pop up that says “Imaging Devices”.
    IF YOU CAN”T DO ONE OR BOTH OF THE ABOVE, you’re computer isn’t recognizing your camera as a camera. You can try reinstalling your drivers for it, but the device itself could also be defective.

    Wheww!! I hope that helps someone out. I could hear the echo of my own previous frustration in some of these posts. Ultimately if you’re looking for where to point the finger, the blame rests with MSI for delivering a sub-par product, IMHO

  • ellieezz

    hahaa i know… last time i ttok the whole thing back lol. just turn it on . dont take the bloody thing back. fn + f6 xxx

  • Kelsea Carter

    my msi u100 eries laptop crashed, so i put in the recovery disk and it helped it restart, but now it has no msi apps, such as windy zone and q-face. how do i get these back?
    also my webcam never worked, even when i pressed F6, why?

  • Tinaded

    Thank you Hannah, This was the simplist and best solution. If you are having problems I recomend this option. Mine was stating that q-face was not installed but all I had to do was follow your steps to control panel, printers and hardware, scanners and cameras and that was that.

  • Liz

    Thank you Joseph! This was really helpful. Do you know if there is a list of what the other Function Keys do? I found out after a while that we had to use the FN key plus F11 to get WIFI. Do you have any idea what the other keys are for? Liz

  • Jshiparow

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  • Angel-katie

    Hi Hannah! I followed your steps.. It was going freat until I reached step four. When I click “Scanners and Cameras” It comes up as a blank screen. Did that happen to you or is my Laptop Gay?

  • guest

    how do you click fn+f6 because there is no likee + on it's own soo you have to press shift and it wont work :(

  • Babachiara

    ihave mini laptop msi notebook problem is a when i open messgers and download bearsher no open messger and no download beasher plese help me thk

  • Chelsie-leigh900

    how do you set the webcam up on you msi netbook i have been trying for months and dont know how to do it please if you know tell me thanks x

  • BeccaX

    Ive had my msi laptop for a while but recently its been saying that the camera is not installed… Ive tried to re-install it but nothink comes up. :@ Please help ;] x

  • Kassandra Bartolome

    srsly how can i get it back?

  • aurora

    hi there!

    i’m having problem with the compatibility for skype and msi u100 plus camera :( i clicked the link you gave and it brings me to the main page. how do i go from there??

    really i’d install my other external webcam but i’d have to get an ext CD drive somewhere to install the driver for that cam!

    i figured the quality was quite crud bcos the mic works but sounds really bad, sometimes the cam works but like you said, it cuts off quickly and says not compatible with skype :/

  • Amy

    just click FN + F6 at the sae time and your problem should be solved! ;)

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  • Caitlin99

    I know but it still doesnt work on msn it says i dont have one but i do!! ??? x

  • Caitlin99

    samee my doesnt work on msn :L x

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