MSI offers free Q-Face and Windy applications for Wind netbook users

Looking for free applications for your Windows-powered MSI Wind? Well, then you’ll be happy to hear about two such things courtesy of MSI itself, and they are the MSI Q-Face and Windy Zone classic game pack. According to MSI, the MSI Q-Face (currently v. lets users easily “transform your icon on instant messaging software, by putting a hat on your picture, changing into a cute puppy, or adding a frame of bubbles around the image. Q-Face brings fun and excitement to the never-changing world of instant messaging!” Meanwhile, the Windy Zone game pack is a collection of six classic games that include Star Mission, Chicken Shake, Chicken Invader and Island War. Both programs are provided for free, but MSI doesn’t say where these are available for download. I’m guessing these will be bundled with new MSI Wind netbooks at retail. If you’re a fan of simple entertainment, I’m sure you’ll find these very useful.


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Written by: Björn A.

  • guest

    how do you click fn+f6 because there is no likee + on it's own soo you have to press shift and it wont work :(

  • Babachiara

    ihave mini laptop msi notebook problem is a when i open messgers and download bearsher no open messger and no download beasher plese help me thk

  • Chelsie-leigh900

    how do you set the webcam up on you msi netbook i have been trying for months and dont know how to do it please if you know tell me thanks x

  • BeccaX

    Ive had my msi laptop for a while but recently its been saying that the camera is not installed… Ive tried to re-install it but nothink comes up. :@ Please help ;] x

  • Kassandra Bartolome

    srsly how can i get it back?

  • aurora

    hi there!

    i’m having problem with the compatibility for skype and msi u100 plus camera :( i clicked the link you gave and it brings me to the main page. how do i go from there??

    really i’d install my other external webcam but i’d have to get an ext CD drive somewhere to install the driver for that cam!

    i figured the quality was quite crud bcos the mic works but sounds really bad, sometimes the cam works but like you said, it cuts off quickly and says not compatible with skype :/

  • Amy

    just click FN + F6 at the sae time and your problem should be solved! ;)

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  • Caitlin99

    I know but it still doesnt work on msn it says i dont have one but i do!! ??? x

  • Caitlin99

    samee my doesnt work on msn :L x

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  • Lucyyhgfgf

    hi bruce same thing happening to me have u fixed your yet

  • Lucyyg67

    Hi joseph my msi laptop camra did work great and i just pressed fn+f6 and it works but only on scanner and camera not on the proper msi q-face i think i have blocked or deleted it how do i get it again on can i not????????? help please

  • Zeba_zariat

    my webcam is not working??what can i do now?i trybut it wasnt

  • Zeba_zariat

    ok i did it,its working.thnq