MSI Starts Focusing its Notebook Business on Gaming Models

Micro-Star International (MSI) has focused its notebook business on more profitable gaming models because consumer models are already in keen competition.

– Henry Lu, Senior Vice President of MSI

Henry Lu, senior vice president of MSI

It was also pointed out by Mr. Lu that the company plans to conduct a new wave of personnel adjustment in the future. Sources from the notebook industry pointed out that MSI’s notebook shipments in 2011 decreased by at least 60% from 2010, while its all-in-one PC shipments in 2011 were also 70% below its original target. These eventually caused MSI to start reconsidering its personnel and product line up strategies.

On the other hand, MSI’s motherboard business continues to perform steadily. It’s graphics card business also seeing improvements in both shipment volume and ASPs, with ASPs even having a chance to break US$100 (an increase of about 10%).

Unfortunately, due to hard drive shortages, MSI’s motherboard shipments are expected to drop in the first quarter with affects to start extenuating in Q2.


Source:  Digitimes

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