MSI’s New Nettop Boasts Latest Fusion Processor

MSI works fast. Just a few days ago,  AMD debuted its E-450 Fusion processor – which is an upgrade of last year’s E-350 CPU. However, MSI is already offering it on their nettop to be released in France.

The MSI Wind Box DC100 will be selling in for 329 Euros in France. It’s packing a 1.65 GHz E-450 chip, 6 USB 2.0 ports, VGA and HDMI output, WiFi access, an SD card reader, and Gigabit Ethernet. In addition, the processor is backed by 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive.

Nettops are great for those who lack space and just need basic computer needs, plus MSI has been making quite a few of these. With the upgrade, it should be a tempting purchase.

Source: Liliputing

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