NEC Brings In Its First LaVie Z Ultrabook

NEC showcased its new LaVie Z ultrabook at a recent event in Tokyo. This is the first ultrabook from the Japan-based company.

The LaVie Z ultra portable notebook is a superlight device that weighs only 2.2 pounds or less than 999 grams. This is largely due to the device’s magnesium and lithium alloy shell, the first of its kind today. This magnesium-lithium casing reduces the weight of the device to at least 50% of the average weight of the typical aluminum shell that is found on other similar devices, making the LaVie Z one of the world’s lightest ultrabooks when it finally becomes available. Notwithstanding its lightness, the shell is able to maintain a high rigidity, making the LaVie Z a durable choice.

The device also has a 13.3-inch display which comes with a glossy black rim. One may also view its internal parts simply by removing only twelve screws.

Yet NEC has decided to reserve the details for these internal specifications for a future date. However, as with other ultrabooks, this will likely come with a Solid State Disk (SSD) or a hybrid drive with a Hard Disk Drive coupled with a Solid State Cache.

A business-oriented device, the LaVie Z ultrabook is expected to hit the market sometime late this summer.

via engadget

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