NEC Shows Off Ultra Light VersaPro Netbook


Well, it looks like the battle for netbook supremacy has shifted to which ever can come up with the thinnest netbook model right now.  Asus has taken the lead with their Eee PC Sea Shell product line, and now look who is following Asus’ steps towards the “ala MacBook Air” type of netbook – NEC. NEC is joining the thin netbook market with its very own UltraLite netbook line with its first model the Ultra Lite Type VS.

With a thickness raning from 15.8mm to 29.9mm, it’s thinner than the MacBook Air’s 19.4mm and the Dell Adamo’s 16.51mm.

Key features of the NEC UltraLite Type VS netbook include, a 10.6″ screen with 1208×768 resolution, 1.8GHz Atom Z540, 1GB RAM, 64GB SSD, USB slots, Ethernet ports, SD card reader.

The NEC Ultra Lite Type VS netbook will be available sometime in July for a hefty price of around $1.850. Are you willing to pay that amount for an Atom powered netbook?

via Engadget

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Written by: Björn A.