Netbook Market Explosion to Continue Until 2013

Sorry for non-netbook fans and lovers, but according to a recent study, netbooks will continue to grow this year until 2013. The study made by ABI Research entitled “Mobile Devices Annual Market Overview” said that social and technological factors have set the stage for an explosion in the netbook market this year until the next few years.

ABI research has also forecasted that worldwide shipments of netbooks will grow to nearly 35 million this year and will continue to grow in the succeeding years until it reached 139 million shipment by 2013.

One of the factors that was attributed to the market success of netbooks was the consumers expectations as to what a mobile internet device could really do. And most of the netbooks that emerged the past year has so far contributed in meeting this expectation. Because of this market demand for more netbooks will continue to grow.

Full overview of the ABI report can be found here.

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Written by: Björn A.