Netbook with Moblin Linux, GMA500 graphics run Quake III and HD video easy

Quake III on an external display
The integrated graphics which most netbooks come out with are pretty unimpressive, especially considering that their full-size counterparts (read: laptops) that are getting released these days tend to have some sort of dedicated graphics of their own. But in some instances, Intel’s GMA graphics chipset is able to hold its own when it comes to games and HD video, and this was proven in a recent demonstration at a Mobile Dev Camp event in Germany.

Pictured above is Quake III running at an average of about 35 FPS on an external monitor while connected to an MSI Wind U115–running Linux! Moblin Linux, that is. Intel’s Atom Z530 processor and GMA 500 graphics work in tandem for this one, and it’s pretty good work indeed. The same netbook was also demoed with other mobile devices playing HD video rather competently. To see the netbook in fragging action, continue reading for a video after the break.

UMPC Portal via Liliputing

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Written by: Björn A.