Netbooks that Will Run Google Chrome OS

Google, specifically the folks at the Chromium Developer Site has put up a list of netbooks which have hardwares that fully supports the early build of Chrome OS. If you’ve been dying to test drive Google Chrome OS but is not particularly sure whether your netbook could run the OS succesfully, netbooks listed on the chart were all tested by the Google Chromium developers.

Among the netbooks on the list include old netbooks such as the Eee PC 700, Eee PC 900, Toshiba Mini NB200 and NB205, and Eee PC 1000 with SSD.

Of course other newer netbooks were also tested to run the Chrome OS succesfully. These include the HP Mini 5101, Lenovo IdeaPad S10v among other newer netbooks.

The Google list also include other issues you need to consider when installing the Chrome OS on your netbooks.

via Liliputing

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Written by: Björn A.

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  • Dhiraj

    This new operating system via the web from Google, which is a completely different from Android, it will be shown incredible run both x86 (which is used by most computers) and ARM (those incorporated in the Apple iPhone), but says they are in contact with several companies so you can run on different ‘netbooks’. Check the review here –

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  • markzenegar

    Announced in July 2009 and based on its Chrome web browser and a Linux kernel, OS Chrome is free, easy, fast and secure. Note, however the majority of information about Google Chrome OS still vague, and the version that is unveiled is not final. It is especially Google to offer drivers to run their OS on most machine as they wants to make a real success so Google going work together with Acer, Asus, Adobe, Freescale, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Texas Instruments, and the Asus where AsusNetbooks would be part of the first machines to use Chrome OS.

    For more you may visit:

  • chromebook information

    I really like where Google is going, they are making some good changes.

  • Jheany

    I have installed Chrome OS on one of my laptops. Well, it feels like Ubuntu GUI the first time i use it. It is pretty much very basic.

  • Graphicwizard

    I think its great! Buying a laptop with a freereally cheap OS could mean saving ALOT of money like 30% less of the costs even.
    Plus you could always format and install windows 7!
    ASUS should never stop producing high performance laptops that way even if you switch OSes its worth it.

  • Dummy Exploited Survivor Think

    More information please. in the eee pc 900 is working camera? mic? wifi? (drivers)