New Arnova Tablet Adds Another Cheap Android Tablet To The Market

Here’s another one to add to the pile of cheap Android tablets.

Archos has been consistently releasing low-cost Android tablets and their Arnova line is the cheapest of the cheap. So if you’re looking for saving and not fancy stuff or speed, this lineup maybe the one for you.

Their latest release is the Arnova 8 G2. It’s the second-generation of the Arnova 8 tablet – but making it second-generation doesn’t make it any better. The original Arnova 8 featured a 800 x 600 pixel resistive touchscreen display, ran on Android 2.1, and had 802.11b/g WiFi.

The G2 doesn’t seem to be much a step-up with physical buttons for Home, Back, Search, or Menu functions still present. This hints at a Gingerbread OS since the Honeycomb versions don’t use buttons like that. Additional specs aren’t available yet though – it just passed the FCC – but expect a formal announcement of its release in the future.

Source: Liliputing



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Written by: Björn A.