New Hybrid and Lighter Macs to Feature LiquidMetal Casing?

As the rumors for the next iPhone about the LiquidMetal casing Apple would incorporate have been circulating these past few weeks, and so the rumors for the next MacBook model for this same casing as well allegedly built.

According to an anonymous source, Apple is planning to include LiquidMetal casing for its new hybrid product. Nonetheless, the two devices that would about to merge are the well known MacBook Pro and MacBook Air that captured the interest of most techy consumers.

Hence, this would be a viable evidence of the previous report about Apple’s engaging to lighter models between 15 to 20% than its predecessors. The material is assumed to be sturdier as well as a more scratch resistant compared with the aluminum casing these MacBook models currently have.

Moreover, according to an allegedly source from one of Apple’s manufacturing partners, the new MacBook will equip by Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors. This means that the model would bring the standard USB 3.0 port to Macs for the first time.

Whatever would Apple include in its new Mac model, absolutely, again, this would be a sure hit in the laptop industry due to its amazing set of specs.

via mactrast

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