New iPad’s A5X Processor vs. NVIDIA’s Tegra 3

During the launch of the new iPad, Apple had claimed that the device’s processor, A5X, is four times faster than the Nvidia’s Quad-core Tegra 3 chip, which was released last year.

LaptopMag put this claim to the test via some benchmarks. Among these are GLBenchmark 2.1, Geek Bench, Peacekeeper, and Sunspider.

GLBenchmark 2.1 was used to test the graphics performance of the processor. This was chosen because it has an iOS and an Android version. Measured in textels per second, the iPad won by a large margin over the Tegra, scoring 1,975,900,672 textels versus the Tegra’s 404,614,112 textels.

For this test, the Asus Transformer Prime was used for the Tegra. To be fair with the Transformer Prime, this tablet offers some visual effects which were not seen on the iPad. Water reflections and splashes on the game Riptide, for example, are visible to users of the Transformer Prime, and not to those of the iPad.

During the Geek Bench test, processing power was tested. Tegra 3 won in this round, scoring 1571 points versus the iPad’s 692.

In the tests run by Peacekeeper and Sunspider, which both test the browser performance of Apple’s Safari and the Android browser, the two were neck-and-neck. The Transformer Prime’s browser scored 387 points in Peacekeeper versus Apple Safari’s 386. Meanwhile, for Sunspider, Safari won, loading in just 1810 milliseconds versus the Android browser’s 2216.

via blog.laptopmag

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