New Linux-Based Netbook OS from Haleron

Liliputing is running a report about PC maker Haleron’s latest operating system based on the Linux platform. This OS according to Haleron supports Linux, Windows and Google Android applications. The OS is based on SUSE Linux but can also run some Windows apps, thanks to the included WINE system. Additionally, the Haleron Ocean OS will also let you run applications that are otherwise made to run on Google’s mobile phone OS.

The Haleron Ocean OS is now available for download here and can be installed on regular laptops and dekstop PCs as well as netbooks. The netbook version is a 420MB download so get your USB cleaned up.

The thing is, installing it on a netbook may require a little more patience and perseverance. If you haven’t installed any OS yet on your netbook before, you may skip this one or have to courage to install it anyway. To help you on your quest, follow the instructions for formating a USB stick here. Then grab the OS and good luck.

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Written by: Björn A.

  • rndyshrrw

    Download Haleron Ocean OS but after booting up came to login screen. Ask for Name and Password, didn't know what to use and couldn't find it anywhere.