New SSD Based Models for the Everun Note

Raon Digital are to produce two new SSD based versions of their Everun Note netbook/UMPC.

There will be an S16S which is set to be a Sempron based unit with a 1.2Ghz CPU, running Ubuntu Mobile and with a 12GB SSD (MLC).  The second model on offer will be a super fast Dual Core Turion based unit entitled the D24S. That will be fitted with a 24GB SSD (which comprises of 16GB MLC and 8GB SLC). The D24S will be running Windows XP as an operating system.

Pricing isn’t confirmed yet but expect to pay around $659 for the S16S and $950 for the superior D24S model. The S16S is available mid November but, if you are interested in buying the D24S, it’s available for preorder now.

As umpcportal pointed out, all the Note needs now is built in 3g and it would be an absolute gem of a UMPC.


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Written by: Björn A.