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If you thought the 5.6-inch screen on Fujitsu’s LifeBook UH900 was small, you most likely still haven’t heard about ViewSonic’s VCP08 Windows XP phone. I’m not quite sure what resolution this thing will be running on, but its screen measures just 4.3-inches diagonally. And forget about the native screen res, it runs Windows XP! Probably where it got the words ‘XP’ and ‘phone’ in its name.

The ViewSonic VCP08 is a two-in-one clamshell contraption that works as a normal cellphone with a 2-inch screen and conventional alphanumeric keypad on the outside while carrying its 4.3-inch internal display alongside a full QWERTY keypad with finger mouse. It’s pretty ingenious. Though I can’t say I haven’t seen it somewhere else before.

Normally, I wouldn’t trust a stranger for specs but it is said that the VCP08 will feature a Z500 Intel Atom processor, 512MB RAM, 8GB of storage and microSD card support. It sounds pretty much like a smartphone to me, and it even has a 1200mAh battery (except for the RAM and Atom CPU part).

At the moment, it appears that ViewSonic is still working on this product. Perhaps we’ll be able to get a glimpse of it next year at CES. In the meantime, have a good look at it through photos recently unearthed for all the world to see. Check out the links below.

Shanzhaiben via Pocketables

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