News Corp Intros Amplify 10″ Android Tablet for Students!

Amplify Tablet

Tablets are getting more and more acquainted with the specialized term “specifics”. As of the moment, innovations on tablets are getting out of their generic category and going into more specifications, to wit: for gaming, for music, for education, etc.

Recently, New Corp, the one running the Fox News, is getting more educational as it targets the academic market. Said company is now with an “education division” called the Amplify. As the New York Times says, the company is planning to introduce a tablet for students called the Amplify Tablet.

The Amplify Tablet will be a 10-inch tablet running Google Android with a custom user interface and educational software. It features an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, an 8.5hour battery, an IPS display, and a 5MP camera. Pursuant to the specification sheet, it’s “similar to the Asus Transformer Pad TF300TL), and even features a dock port on the bottom and the tablet can work with optional keyboards, external batteries, and other accessories.

News Corp’s tablet is intended for use in the classroom as well as at home, although the company is aiming schools, not parents. While students will be able to play educational games as well as doing homework, the focus is also on in-class quizzes and other software that teachers can use as part of the curriculum.

The tablets could be availed of for $299 and up.


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Written by: Björn A.