Nexus Tablet Sales Fails to Appear as a Constant Option for Purchase

Nexus 10 Tablet

The sales of the notable Nexus tablet remain to be not quite a good sight. But since Google is still silent regarding the figures, nothing is sure. Nonetheless, analysts along with Benedict Evans managed to come by with numbers as to product sales. According to them, it appears like the Google Nexus 10 fails to be kept as a constant option for purchase.

Evans estimated from modeling active Android users combined with information from Google’s development data based on screen sizes and resolution in use, Evans have it that there are around 6.8 million Nexus 7 devices total, and only around 10 percent of that, or 680,000 are Nexus 10s.

Additionally, as per Evans’ notes, “Apple sold somewhere near 10 million iPad minis during just the final two months of Q4 2012 by comparison. It also announced total iPad sales for its first fiscal quarter of 2013 of 22.9 million iPads total, including both the iPad mini and the standard iPad. To say that Google’s efforts with the larger Nexus tablet so far haven’t had customers rushing to stores would be fair, even if the estimate proves to be only loosely accurate.”

Rumors have it that Google is sweating its butt out to release a new generation Nexus 10 with improved features. However, bloggers say that specification wise, Nexus 10 is an ace. What became the problem is its affordability character.


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Written by: Björn A.