No Inspiron Mini from Dell


Well we won’t be getting an Inspiron Mini today. The event that Dell organised for today, to showcase their fresh new and innovative designs did not include the Dell Inspiron Mini. While they did announce new laptops today, 10 to be exact, they’re all business focused laptops.

The laptops however do carry the Dell E series name. Dell E was previously associated with that of news and rumours surrounding the Inspiron Mini.

Via: Liliputing

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Written by: Björn A.

  • X

    The world is waiting Dell… way to disappoint.

  • y

    Yes… I was also waiting for small Dell and… I’ll buy Asus then.

  • Me too

    Can’t believe that back out, I was really waiting and anticipating with high hope, very disappointing indeed. Looks like I may buy another Asus laptop.

  • David Nielsen

    when I first saw the rumoured Dell E Slim laptop mockups, I wanted one, I have specifically waited to buy a netbook because that was the model I wanted. Now I will wait for the ATOM powered eeePCs to reach Denmark, should be next month I think.. damn you Dell.

  • James

    So, any new rumours when the Dell netbook (whatever it will be called) will be announced?…

  • iwant12incher

    give me my 12 inch Dell E Slim, not expensive sh*t like E4200!

  • Dude

    Maybe they will release just in time for Christmas!!