Nokia Booklet 3G Hands-On and Compared with a Mac

nokia 3G booklet

The Nokia Blog is running a hands-on and first impressions post for the Nokia 3G Booklet. And like what I’ve observed just by looking at the official photos, the 3G Booklet does indeed looks a lot like the MacBook Pro. In terms of battery and keyboard feel, one could easily mistaken the Nokia 3G Booklet as  a 10-inch version of the MacBook Pro.Unfortunately it is not and it will never be.  And boy how I wish it’s got the white apple logo on its back.

The Nokia Blog post also mentioned about the nice feel of the 3G Booklet’s keyboard as well as the extent  by which you can tilt the netbook’s display backwards.

So, what do you think? Is the price of the Nokia 3G Booklet  is worthy of the 12-hour battery life and almost a-Mac look and feel?

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Written by: Björn A.