Not Just One But Two! Barnes & Noble to Release Two New Color Tablets

It was reported before that prior to the launch of the new Amazon Kindle tablet, Barnes & Noble will release an updated version of their NOOK Color. However, there are rumors now that instead of just a $249 NOOK Color 2 device, there will be an additional color device as well.

The Nook devices for next quarter would be the Smart Touch, Encore, and Acclaim. According to the Digital Reader post, the Smart Touch and Encore names for the Nook Touch and NOOK Color, respectively, are pre-existing product names. Not too much is known about the Acclaim but it will most likely center on a bigger screen. It may go head-to-head with iPad more directly.

The Android reader just recently got optimized magazines. But this 7-inch tablet is naturally limited in what it can show compared to a 10-inch device like Apple’s. Acclaim might be an opportunity to upgrade the performance and storage beyond the year-old original Nook Color. It’s clear that magazines are popular mainstays for the iPad and the NOOK Color was recently updated so that it can support more interactive digital magazines with video and audio clips and other extras . However, the 7″ screen of the NOOK Color may be a little too confined for magazine viewing, so the new Acclaim device could be a tablet with a 9″ or larger screen to better accommodate the interactive magazines available on the B&N digital newsstand. And of course, with an additional feature comes additional price. This larger screen NOOK Color tablet is reported to be priced at $349.


Sources:   Netbooknews, Electronista, Digital Reader



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