Notion Ink Adam Tablet Gets ICS Beta Update

Notion Ink Adam has finally rolled out its update to the Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich platform. Last month, its Alpha build was released with several bugs that needed fixing. This update has successfully fixed those bugs and added a list of new features.

With this update, users will experience a new super fast 3G browsing speed as compared with the very slow one in the Alpha build. Wi-Fi, as well, is much slower. In the case of HDMI, users may now be able to view full HD video through HDMI whether onscreen or through HDMI in.

The new update also promises better audio, fast Youtube video viewing, and a fully functional USB. The sleep mode issue was also fixed as well as graphics acceleration.

However, some bugs still remain on the Notion Ink Adam, and the company acknowledges this in their blog. Among these are issues with notifications, the camera, compass, microphone, and light sensor.

Instructions on how to get this update are already up at the official Notion Ink blog. The post contains two links which users need to download and copy to an external SD card. Then, they have to install the files, wipe the cache and data, and finally, reboot the Notion Ink Adam.

via goodereader

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Written by: Björn A.