OLPC partners with Pixel Qi

It seems the story of Pixel Qi has gone back full circle. Mary Lou Jepsen, founder or Pixel Qi and one of the original designers of the XO laptops of OLPC, has reached out back to her roots and promises to bring a new screen to the masses. Pixel Qi is makes great black-and-white power-saving screens that just pop on top of an existing LCD without any fancy tinkering.

Putting one of these screens in the popular buy-one-give-one laptop is almost a given since needy children all over the world who use them are likely going to be lugging along the device to places without indoor lighting. It’s also a great boost to the power supply of the XO laptop giving more study hours to kids in places where electrical outlets are in scarce supply.

No buzz as to when good ol’ retail laptops and netbooks will get their own Pixel Qi screen but they did say they are going to roll out DIY kits soon.

source slashgear

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Written by: Björn A.