Packard Bell Announce their first Netbook

Another day and another computing brand name announces it’s entry into the netbook world and this time it’s the turn of Packard Bell who have announced the release of the Packard Bell ”dot”, an 8.9-inch netbook that features a full installation of Windows XP.

A spokesman for Packard Bell explained at the press conference that the company have been working towards producing a netbook aimed less at the business user and more at families and with  XP installed, they certainly seem to have done that – it’s the operating system that many are used to and that they can just pick up and use with ease.

The “dot” is built around an Atom processor with 160Gb of hard disk space and 1Gb of RAM. Additional extra’s can include a 6-cell battery for extended battery life, a webcam and a 3G module to enhance browsing.

With specs like that, a sleek design and a price of around £315 which according to is $584, the “dot” has the potential to be a success for Packard Bell. It is due for a European release in November this year.


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Written by: Björn A.

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