Panasonic Skype Tablet: A Delightful Video Communications Medium

Panasonic showed off its new Skype tablet at the recent CES, jumping on the bandwagon of many companies setting their eyes on tablet PCs.

As the name implies, its main feature is its use in video chatting by means of the popular application, Skype. The Panasonic Skype Tablet has a 7-inch LCD screen. There are speculations that it could run on the Android platform, although the company did not disclose anything about its operating system during its press event.

It has an SD card slot which may be used to expand storage, although again, no specific details have been revealed as to the upper limit of the size. For said video chatting feature, users are provided with a front webcam and a 3.5 mm earphones jack. There is also a Facebook widget, apart from the Skype one.

Lastly, the Panasonic Skype Tablet has a sleek silver finish with rounded edges, giving it a futuristic feel. However, it is relatively bulky compared to other tablet PCs offering similar functionalities so it might be less of a portable device than expected with average tablets.

via engadget

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Written by: Björn A.