PengPod Tablet Now Up for Pre Order

Reviews and commentaries have been written the previous month regarding the so called “PengPod”. This was due to the seeking of its creators of a $49 000 as a bash start up to kick in the market as viewed in the Indiegogo site. The deadline of said project lapsed just recently with a smiling success.

The “PengPod” got a fat $72 707 from more than 500 contributors. Henceforth, the dream of mighty tablet priced at $100 that is to run both the Android and the Linus is on its way to a famous reality. Hurray!

The Peacock Imports is the idea and company behind the PengPod tablets. Said slates by the Peacock Imports is picturing to enable a dual-boot Android 4.0 and a version of Linux with the touch-friendly KDE Plasma Active interface.

The dual-booting scenario involves running Android from internal memory and Linux from a bootable SD card. Those who vouchsafed $99 and above such amount are sworn to be rewarded a unit of the tablet. Estimation of the delivery is targeted by January of 2013.

The PengPod s not pictured to be as slick as the Google Nexus 7 is. Nonetheless, if both the Android and the Linux with a full desktop operating system on a touchscreen in a high rate of affordability, then what you are up to is the PengPod.

For the time being, the PengPod website does not proscribe a way to have the gadget on hand for the Peacock Import is dependent upon the campaign that the Indiegogo has for it.


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Written by: Björn A.