Pixel Qi lets you use your netbook outdoors, save on power

Using a netbook in bright light conditions like the outdoors can be tricky since the glare and reflections interfere with your monitor. A black-and-white matte monitor should do much better.

This is what Pixel Qi does. They make LCD monitors that are a high-contrast black-and-white but offer great resolution and has been the go to solution of a few eBook vendors for their displays. What’s more is that you just need to turn the backlight on to revert to a full-color display. Unlike e-Ink, this display lets you refresh at the same speed as a regular LCD so you can even watch movies on it.

Another great thing about it is that it sips only 0.5 watts when in black-and-white mode. In addition to that, they are working to reduce power consumption even further by idling the processor when in text mode. So, the computer will be in sleep mode but you can still view plain text on the screen.

They won’t be selling any products of their own but they are in talks with a few companies who want to integrate such displays in their devices like netbooks, smartbooks and others. Watch out for it in some future netbook models.

via UMPCPortal, liliputing

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Written by: Björn A.

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    Another great thing about it is that it sips only 0.5 watts when in black-and-white mode

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