Polarized Glasses Affects the New iPad Display

If ever going to the beach is your plan for this weekend, then try not using your iPad while you’re under the sun to prevent some shocking discoveries. Since definitely you need a polarized sunglasses to avoid the glaring sun, however in that case, iPad tends to form some unwanted visibility problems.

Well, if you’ll be looking at it in a landscape position, nothing seems an issue, but by the time you shift it into a portrait mode then users can’t somehow see anything.

But the discovery after positioning it back to landscape is a mystery as to why such. A couple of the new iPad owners have been addressing the issue already and until now the question and what can be the possible solution remained unanswered.

To at least ease the anxiety or lessen your curiosity regarding the issue, polarized materials like your sunglasses act as a filter altering light passing through them letting only the waves aligned with the filter to pass through. They are polarized for the prevention of getting blinded by dare which only means the technology behind the LCD is largely to be blame for.

via redmonpie

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Written by: Björn A.