Polymer Vision Returns With Another Folding E-reader

Back in 2008, Polymer Vision showed off their Readius, a 5-inch e-reader with a 5″ folding E-inch screen. It was an interesting idea but it never got off the ground because of investment problems.

Well, Polymer Vision is back with a new backer and they obviously want to pick up where  they left off. Above is concept art for the new Readius – updating it to 2011 standards. Three years may not seem much but with technology leaping forwards every six months, three years is like an eternity.

The initial concept art for the Readius is above and you can see how impressive it looks. With two varying screen sizes, it will look to be a great portable reader. No release date or price yet, but expect more news about it in the future.

Source: The Digital Reader

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Written by: Björn A.