Retina iPad Mini to Buzz this Coming March?


Word has it that a second-generation iPad mini is off to take and shake the market enterprise. Said device from Apple is rumored to be in a retina display specification. Moreover, as per word spread, the iPad mini with the retina display is to launch ahead of the Apple’s archetypal yearly schedule next year have been swirling.

Furthermore, it is quite apparent as it appears that the Apple’s (AAPL) full-size iPad may be fastened to a bit new and refreshed semi annual release schedule scheme. Pursuant to reports from Japanese blog of Makotakra, which had cited an anonymous yet mobilized “inside source,” that prescribed that Apple is plotting on unleashing a new thinner and lighter 9.7-inch iPad. This new and cool device to keep on with the current iPad mini is presumed to take the lead as soon as March 2013.

The rumored version of the Apple’s mini is eventually a fifth iPad reproduction. The fourth version was just enjoyed by the technological market industry last month in conjunction with the iPad mini, but March was also recommended in topical Retina iPad mini buzz. Makotakra positioned that the new iPad will adopt styling queues from the current iPad mini model, unifying the look of Apple’s larger tablet with the iPad mini and iPhone 5.


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Written by: Björn A.

  • Laptopaholic

    Should have been the first release… just another minimum upgrade to get people to spend more money