Samsung 600B5B Review

The Samsung 600B5B with the
15.6 inch screen is certainly
 on the most attractive laptop
in the market but for some
business class people, it could
 be a good choice given its
decent specs and various security
options. The 600B5B is aimed
totally at the business class.
It therefore does not possess
 fancy swirling patterns and
 bright colours to impress
the buyer. In fact it does
not need to be beautiful at
 all, just decent looks will
 do. When closed, the 600B5B
has a very professional look,
 thanks partly to its all-black
 design. The only thing that
breaks up the surface of the
shell is the subtle Samsung logo.
 The chassis is made from plastic,
 with a rubberised coating that
 we're quite keen on. The laptop's
exterior isn't what you'd call
 interesting, but it would match
 a sharp suit and black leather
briefcase well. Weighing at 2.5
 kgs, its pretty light for one
to carry without ending up with
 a sore shoulder.  Measuring 370
 by 35 by 248mm, the 600B5B
 should also fit in most
 briefcases. The isolated keys,
 liked by many are missing on
the keyboard. Samsung has instead
 opted for the raised, edge-to-edge
 variety. That makes the keyboard
seem slightly outdated. At least
 the keyboard is pretty comfortable
 to type on, even for long periods.
 So for a person wishing to work
all night, it’s a good companion.
 The trackpad is a decent size
and has the same rubberised
coating as the keyboard surround.
 One would feel pretty comfortable
 sliding the fingers on them.
There's also a track point plonked
in between the G, H and B keys for
 you to navigate with, complete
with an extra set of buttons above
 the trackpad. The 15.6 inch wide
screen sports a mal finished
coating, so it won't show a load
 of distracting reflections under
 bright light.  With a resolution
 of 1,600x900 pixels,, it feels
really pleasing for a screen of
its size. Where performance is
concerned, it quite packs a punch.
 There is a 2.5GHz, dual-core Intel
 Core i5-2520M processor teamed up
 with 4GB of RAM under the hood.
 Though it lacks a bit on the gaming
 experience, but considering the
audience its aimed at, it won’t be
 much of a bother. The battery
backup is decent as well, and if
 its mainly used for office purpose,
 without making use of the video or
 wireless Internet, one should be
able to get upwards of 4 hours of
 constant use out of it. For
connectivity, there are two USB
3.0 ports, a USB 2.0 port, a USB/eSATA
 port, and an Ethernet port. There's
 a DVD drive too, as well as a 1.3
-megapixel webcam for all kinds of
 video-conferencing fun. To some
things up, it is a decent laptop,
 capable of going through the office
 tasks pretty easily.

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Written by: Björn A.

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    Nice notebook.