Samsung N127 netbook with Moblin Linux tested

Brad from Liliputing had his hands on Samsung’s N127 netbook with Moblin Linux and walked away impressed with the product’s speed and responsiveness. Moblin Linux has been an all-time favorite for those who don’t want Windows on their netbooks and instead want something lightweight and snappy to work around in. Beside Ubuntu Linux and Gentoo, that is. Brad makes it sound like navigating Moblin Linux on the Samsung N127 was a revelation, saying that it was faster than any laptop he has ever used (as far as accessing the menus are concerned). And perhaps it is. That problem is, it still doesn’t support the lot of programs Windows users have become accustomed to and take for granted in their day-to-day computing. Brad’s snapped more pictures of the Samsung N127 with Moblin Linux and they’re all available at the story linked below.

Via Liliputing

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