Samsung Offers Personal Engraving Service for Galaxy Note Buyers

Samsung is taking phone personalization to another level with a new service that comes with the new Galaxy Note.

Their official Flickr website stated that users in South Korea may not have their units personalized with custom laser engraving at the back of the 5.3-inch Super AMOLED LED device. Interested users, however, should hurry, as the offer is limited and lasts until March 31 only at selected Samsung outlets.

The practice of custom laser engraving gadgets, however, is not a first for Samsung. In fact, their fierce competitor Apple has already done it for several years for the iPod and iPad units.

This is saying something especially since the two companies have already been in heated clashes over the past few months over patents, but there is no word as to whether Apple is taking offense with Samsung’s engraving service. Nonetheless, Samsung can claim that no other company selling Android-based devices is offering such customization to date.

Samsung has not revealed, however, whether there are plans to offer this service outside of South Korea, or if other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab may eventually be customized. It does seem to be an interesting and timely marketing strategy.

A custom engraving might just be what one needs to stand out from the crowd of Android device users.

via android community

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Written by: Björn A.